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The mind is always working. Learn to identify what your body can tell you about your hidden thoughts & beliefs. 

What is emotional safety? Emotional safety is the ability to allow yourself to experience all the emotions that are present without judgment – from within or from others.  Many people *lack* emotional safety because our social conditioning teaches us to reduce, reject, deny, abandon, cover, hide what is being felt. I can teach you how give yourself permission, in a safe, caring and compassionate manner and understand how not feeling safe to express in your environments – may be a big red flag. 

Everyone talks about communication skills in relationships – and there is a great deal of misunderstanding about why, how and where communication falters. Identify the pitfalls that you may be falling into over and over again and not knowing it, inadvertently creating tension and stress.

Conflict seems to be an every day part of life. It doesn’t have to be. At all. Ever. Learn how you can have a conflict free life.