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How can you tell if your relationships at work, at home, in your social environment are healthy – for you? For others?

One basic way is to examine how you feel before and after spending time with someone most often.

* Anger / frustration

* Anxious / nervous

* Quiet / withdrawn

* Insecure / guilty

* Fear / triggered

Any of these may indicate an unhealthy connection. How the relationship is defined is irrelevant.

* Buoyant / excited

* Joy / fulfillment

* Empowered / free

* Honored / respected

* Cherished / safe

These feelings are the markers of healthy connections and ALL of them are the descriptors of your relationships for it to be healthy – not just some of them.

The wonderful thing about relationships – we choose them. On purpose…or on accident (by default).

How do you know if you’re choosing by default or on purpose?

A key tell: repeated or ongoing struggles with relationships.

Even if the people change, the situations or outcomes don’t. Same problems, different face; or maybe it’s the same problems, same face and those problems just keep resurfacing. 

Coaching to bring healthy habits, communication, clarity and respect to your relationships: work, family, friendships, romantic connections. Discover the reasons you’re not getting what you want and how to get it – ON PURPOSE. 

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